What to Do With Your Leftover Polymer Clay

Did you ever make anything with polymer clay and have a tiny bit left that you didn’t know what to do with? Well the answer is here! It’s super simple and takes barely any time to create something quirky and unique. Meet my little marble effect ear studs. Instructions are below:

  1. All you have to do to create these little beauties is to lump it together with some different coloured clay and mash it up, just enough so that the colours don’t blend.
  2. Next, just roll the clay into a sausage shape and cut it into little discs about a cm thick.
  3. Take all your little discs and overlap them slightly, then use a roller and flatten them together to your desired thickness.
  4. Use anything you have to cut them into your desired shape (I prefer nice and tidy little discs).
  5. Put them in the oven and follow your polymer clay cooking instructions. (Usually 125C for 15 mins does the trick for me)
  6. Let them cool and add some earring backs with super strong super glue and the job’s done!

If you want them nice and shiny like mine I like to add a blob of resin which gives them that extra depth and protection. Well hope you like the tutorial and make your own unique studs, if you’re not great with crafting but would like a pair, then check out my Etsy shop – Firebelly Crafts where you can buy some I’ve made previously.

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