~Ribbon Bags~

These were actually really fun to make. The materials can be super cheap to get as well, all you need is a bundle of ribbon, preferably complimentary colours and a little fabric for the inner bag. Sorry guys, the pictures don’t do them justice, I suggest you try making your own so you can see first hand how cool they look. Instructions are below:

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Step One: Buy lots of coloured ribbon and 1 square metre of fabric for the base and lining (this is if you want them quite big like mine, I have a lot of junk I like to put in my bag).

Step Two: Cut the fabric in half, then place the coloured ribbon next to each other so they slightly overlap on top of the fabric. I did try without the fabric base but the ribbon tends to slip and slide all over the place when you’re trying to sew them together.

Step Three: Set your sewing machine to zigzag stitch, the wider the better and sew the ribbon together on the fabric base.

Step Four: This is a really simple bag so all you have to do is stitch the ends of the fabric together so the ribbon is facing the inside. Lie it flat and stitch the bottom of the bag together. N.B. preferably you should leave at least 1/2cm seam.

Step Five: Twist the bag so that the corner is facing you, and pinch the corner so the side seam and bottom seam line up. This creates some depth to the bag, sew this part together (mine is about 5cm) and repeat on the other side. Then trim this part off with a 1cm seam allowance.

Step Six: Repeat steps four and five with the left over fabric so you have two bag like shapes.

Step Seven: Place the ribbon bag (still inside out) into the lining bag. Fold the top of the ribbon bag over the lining bag and stitch in place. You can fold it over twice for a nicer edging.

Step Eight: Turn the bag right side out. Looking pretty good now eh? Use some extra ribbon for the bag strap, I still haven’t got this completely down yet but I think plaiting the ribbon looks much nicer and makes it stronger. Stitch each end onto the fabric side of the ribbon bag, or outside, its up to you. If you put it on the outside you can do something pretty with the ends of the ribbon.

And now, if my instructions made sense, you should have a simple ribbon bag! Yay!!! You can add extra embellishments if you wish, maybe a zip or a popper as well. Writing this really makes me want to make another one. If you give it a go I’d really like to know how you got on so don’t be afraid to write in the comment section. See ya!

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