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Table Decorations

How to make table decorations from recycled jars.


Rediscovering the Art of Fine Liners

Lines, lines and more lines. Oh, did I mention lines? If you like doodling then you must try this. It’s very therapeutic and easy to do, no skills necessary. It’s amazing what you can achieve little by little. The most satisfying part is seeing the end result! If you really get into it and want…… Continue reading Rediscovering the Art of Fine Liners


The Red City

Marrakech, Morocco is a beautiful place, especially when you get involved in the culture. A real beehive of inspiration. If you decide to travel there then here’s a word of warning, BEWARE THE VEHICLES AND MOPEDS!! Road markings and traffic lights? Bah! Who needs `em! Not Marakech that’s for sure! Enjoy the photos